Monday, 23 January 2012

Magazine Announcement!

Hi, I am wrong.

I thought that a idea can grow and become something. I was told by someone that an idea can never be forgotten Or buried away, once it has made its home, it's nesting place

Your Brain.

I put that theory to the test for a month . I put to the back of my mind the idea of creating a online monthly magazine and forgot about it for a whole month. I felt something was nagging at me in the back of my mind. I have now found out what that nagging sensation was. It was the idea of a online magazine. So I was caught of guard when the idea took over my life and shaped the rest of my free time for the next, god knows how long years. It was great to know that I was wrong and was pushed in the right direction, by none other than myself!

I have Reached Another 400 views and I am very glad that this blog has taken off so well!

Any-who, I have come to announce that before the year is out I will have a fully functioning magazine! This is a great leap and something which I hoped would happen for a long time and am very happy to put my assets towards! I will probably use a service like Wix or something like that to publish it, and as I have with this blog, I will again choose a service that caters for all device needs, so more people can enjoy the service any feedback Is widely appreciated and will help towards the development of the blog and especially the newly founded Online Magazine!!!!

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