Saturday, 31 March 2012

|\•/|inecraft Series Coming Soon!

We have decided that over the Easter holidays, to make a fun minecraft series for you guys to keep you busy over the Easter holidays!

|\•/| ( Look For this symbol In a thread!)

So basically the series is going to be revolving on the ABSOLUTELY Amazing Server: Empire Minecraft•

If you haven't heard of this before It's kind of like a server where you get your own protected area that's anti griefed and one you can definitely have a lot of fun on!

So when it starts it will be about Thursday so just keep on checking The Daily Wisper for the video which will be Coming very soon, again on Thursday so just be watching this space for more.
For any Suggestions at any server we should go on a series or something like that, you should just e-mail them to me @

So thanks again for your support and here is basically it!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Social Network Buttons Finally!

The Daily Wisper, now *finally* has its very own social networking buttons. We fixed them from what they used to be, because if you clicked on them before we updated them, then the link that it would send you to was just a redirecting link back to the site for some strange reason….................

So anyway, we now have our own Twitter Page, which is great! So if you want quips and quotes and also updates, From me, then head over to The Daily Wisper, and click on the twitter icon at the top, and any follows and retweets and such would be greatly appreciated and it helps out a lot aswell

We have a Facebook page aswell now so that's great and adds to the "cause", and again, any likes or "shared pages" would be greatly accepted!!!

Thanks again for your support and time

Regards. - Luke

Portal 2 Review 100% Finished!

Finally. That's infact the first word I say in the review anyway so HAVE IT! So basically I am surprised any how many views this blog was getting, so I sat Down and thought to myself, what must it be? Our amazing website? Or my devilishly good quotes and updates from The Daily Wisper.

Usually anyway! So again thanks for the support, it helps a lot with the whole moral thing and also helps with the views boost, which is great also. If you would like to help out even more, then head over to The Daily Wisper (see link at the top!) and have a snoop around, because I mean, that even helps us AND we have some amazing stuff coming up soon anyway, such as the Wisper awards
( for more see The actual portal 2 review, at The Daily Wisper!)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Portal 2 Review Almost Finished!

I am about 2/3 of the way through the recording of the whole portal 2 review, and the gameplay as such. The audio will be recorded live, but any ballsing ups, and I will probably have to edit it out! At the moment in time, I am editing the footage for the reviews page.

SNEAK PREVIEW: The Game Portal 2, is such a great game! it's all based on one big roller coaster of adventure, with the added effect of a futuristic outcome. The graphics, the plot and the new arsenary at your disposal, such as the gels and Aerial FaithPlates, all cluster together to make this game one giant bundle of joy to play with. Again, Valve have done a great job to improve it from the original game, portal.

For more information, check out the reviews page on The Daily Wisper, and click the little next sign at the top. You should see the portal 2 page review click the little grid for screenshots of what we got up to!

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Daily Wisper Mobile, Is Now Online!

I have made a........bad mobile for the daily wisper! I kid, I kid, but seriously it's really bad. The font I will change and also the style of it also, You can view it on any mobile device, by going to the usual link < > and unfortunately the site is very limited.

So you will still be able to get your news and such via text and pictures, but the videos I will have to put a link there to the YouTube page, so you can watch the video.

Funny Picture Included!

I am Now on google YES

So yeah this is just a quick update about the site and other things:

So finally I am on google. If you type In on google, "the daily wisper", it is the 3 or 4 result. If you type in "wisper" it is at the very bottom of the search which is cool. Now all I need to do is move it up the list somehow.................... Any suggestions? Just pop them in the contact us page on our website!

I have bought the ABSOULOUTLY amazing game portal 2, so the review and the play through for that will be coming very soon, so I hope that you will enjoy it!

All I need now is my own Wikipedia page.............…………

-Luke (Editor)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reviews, Everybody Loves Reviews...…......Dont They?

That's why I have decided to add a reviews page/article to The Daily Wisper!!

Every month I will be reviewing things like games, software and "Teenage Accessories" e.g. Speakers and Headphones, and maybe also, many more different genres to come! I will do a small or large article on the item, depending on what it is, then I will show you a few pictures of the key features. Then after that, maybe at the bottom, I will add the actual video review so that you can get a more in-depth feel into what we are actually reviewing.

The actual page, will start off with (subject to change!!) 3 different genres of reviewinglyness which are:

• Games ( Some games being reviewed like Dead Island may contain content that is 18+)

• Software ( Great stuff like, Steam and designing software such as Drawplus)

Appliances ( Like SkullCandy Headphones and Speakers such as The Amazing X-Mini Portable Speakers

So there is the basic run down of the kind of thing to be expecting from the reviews page and the genres of the page itself.

- Luke (Editor)

PS: game being reviewed is gonna be Portal 2

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Soon To Come and Updates!! (By the way this is short!)

Things that already happened:

• We now have our own twitter page, so if you want to hear wacky quotes and….…stuff then click the link above this post that says "The Daily Wispers Twitter Page"

• Design almost finished, the pages are nearly done, it's just the little out of place shape and the wrong font here an there, then that's the design pretty much finished!

• Then there's the content. I am searching for the great story's so bear with me on that front, everything else I can deal with nice and quickly but the searching and things, well, I can't do everything at once......…or can I ???

So thanks for the continual support, and also remember to keep on going back to The Daily Wisper to see all of the new and improved features!

- Luke (Editor)

Steam Update Soon! I am Opening Up To A Certain Extent?

I don't know yet, I may regret this later, but I have decided to make a open source, free to join steam group. It will be on a first come first severed basis.

The first 25 will be able to join the group and be able to play games alongside The Daily Wisper and maybe even get featured In our reviews and gameplays! There will also be organised gameplay groups and things so of you would like to join then just search "The Open Wisper Testers" on steam and add yourself before its too late!

The group will be ready to join by the 10th of April

- Luke (Editor)

News and........ Stuff?

I know I said that I would be back on monday but stuff that anyway,
Did you hear about the couple of kids who hacked their school website??


Well anyway this bunch of kids managed to change the schools website to say that school was off due to the snow!! This is a great way of showing people, what people can really do. Im not saying to actually go around hacking websites here and there, but this is a great way of showing the power of the people.

This post is kind of 2 posts rolled into one really so here's the second half. The Daily Wisper now has social networking buttons, so you can spread the word about it even more! I have also put a fully completed blurb on the publishing page of the site, so If you want to check it out just head over to HERE.

So to end it, basically I am in a bit of a pickle

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Professionalism FTW!!!!

The wisper is now even more professional looking, yay!I got the layout of the site perfect just to the way I wanted, then my hosts website crashed, therefore making me crash and all my hard work went to waste [•_•]{*~*} (Different faces represent my dissatisfaction) I had to Do the whole thing over again, which took another 3 hours. I redesigned it to be a bit yellow, and when you look at it, it kind of reminds you of the Australian Outback ^_^ ( you know, the road signs!!!) ¡!!!!!¡

A New publishing page has been made to show all of my novels/novels in progress. If you would like to see the blurb of my latest book "System Failure" aand also the front cover of the book, head over to or the old link either will work <•:_:•> (puffer-fish)

So I guess that's it for the next 3 days , unless something ABSOLUTELY amazing happens or I have a major breakthrough with the site then it's a couple of days silence folks! •_•, *crys

But don't worry because I will be back on Monday with the usual monologue of the updates about The Daily Wisper, and also about life.

Thanks for the support and awesomeness,

- Luke (Editor)

P.S: More Experimental features to be released at a later date, and The Daily Wisper will soon have its own twitter page!!!!!