Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Update

Lol, I am going to switch the title font back to the marker pen, because its really hard to read and if I were you, you would probably wan't to know the godamn title!! The books going great, I have designed the front cover and that looks great too!

You can see a close up of the book at my domain name, which is bound to change anyway, or you can look at it below this feed. When I update the post, because unfortunately my hard drive is full up with a load of guff, and I cant find the cover, which is dubely annoying. When I do find it, I will post after this full stop YaY. YaY the picture is at the bottom of this feed, it replaced the anonymous head!!

So yeah everything's going good with the website, I now have a media page with lots of videos and soon to come some games??? Yes, I now also have a logo Yay I have been working on that for a while, did you know that I used draw plus to make this? It took me 30 mins to make, I think that draw plus is a great designing tool, as it helped me out a lot too!! The link is Here

There is a regime at school , did you know that??? The way they demand respect, e.g. Stand up when they enter the room. This is wrong, we are all human beings here, right? Ok so maybe there aren't but the way they demand respect when you don't even know them is wrong, and it also makes a mockery of us. People and groups like anonymous, seek to help with this problem by tackling the problem at its source, so don't believe the rubbish that the media is saying about them they are wrong. They are here to help. Just like me.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hey guys!

I am sorry I haven't been able to post another update for a while, I have been working on the website and have had lots of homework to do also!!


Sorry about that.

so I have decided to write a book!!!!!!. The book hopefully will be completed by the end of the year.the first in the series is free, then after that its £3.70 for the others.(KINDLE PRICE)
however if you do not own a kindle, the whole book can be downloaded as a PDF for free off my site, when the actual book is released Click Here For The Website. 
I saw a man the other day and the guy was wearing a pink hat. I thought to myself, WTF, then I noticed that he actually Wasn't wearing pink, it was another guy, a girl, whose hat looked like it was resting on his head!! weird huh??? This just proves that we are all stupid sometimes!!!!!!!


below is a absolutely awesome song called "Salmon Dance - Chemical Brothers" All Rights Belong To The Producer Of The Song.
Its just that the beats are Fast and they feel right to listen too. It is Comfortable to listen to also?

Thanks for your support!!!! and I hope that you enjoy the surprise feature i am adding to my site over the next couple of days!

- WiSpEr

Friday, 3 February 2012


Yay I now have over 550 views which is great and a tad unexpected.

The magazine is getting better and better, and hopefully soon, the site will enter Pre BeTa mode sometime around the end of next week. This Update includes a few News Stories here and a contact is page!

During this change over the site may not look as HDD as it should, my bad.......………. Also the site may be down for a few days so sorry about that! But. In The long run the quicker we release the updates the quicker you get your news and also my mind can rest because that's one less Thing to worry about. LoL. So hope you enjoy the site, and heres the Website UrL

Thanks for the support!,


PS: spread the word about the cat, he will rule the world one day
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/ ,_,/
/'"\ )\

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Yes, I know, I am two days late in posting it is not my fault but I had lots of work that needed doing and I couldn't be bothered to let it all just pile up, so I decided to do it all there and then! aLsO I have been doing up the magazine which now looks better than before, in the form of aesthetically changing the design and look of the user interface, to give you maximum comfort when browsing the web.

So yeah, that's about it for this week, nothing much is going to happen until next week when the website enters pre BeTa/Ending Alpha mode then things will start to get Interesting! Below Is a diagram, that shows the different stages the website/magazine is going to undertake so look and see whereabouts the stage is that we're in right now!

Wisper - (\_/)
        (='.' )
       (" )_(" )

P.S: put the bunny in your comments, he will one day rule the world