Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You Need To Notice Things

The website is soon going to become a hotspot. All Manner of people will be communicating back and forth all day. If you would like to be loyal and stick along then you are very welcome to listen to me and enjoy the ride.
all changes below are to have effect by 29th April 2012- changes will take one week to take effect

Other aesthetically changes include:

- This Whole Site and blog will now have a meaning and you will be able to enjoy yourselves a bit more.

- oh and another thing, anybody wishing to contact me should post their email to my email address that you know, so I can send you an encrypted message back answering your question. Don't send me any silly spam or "powerful" viruses like I said before I will found out who you are

Until next time


P.S I will still post blog updates

P.S.S "funny" picture included


  1. That's good Luke, I hoped that we would get to advance in the network some time or later. the domain name status we should discuss , as it will give security to the programm.

  2. Eventually



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