Friday, 3 February 2012


Yay I now have over 550 views which is great and a tad unexpected.

The magazine is getting better and better, and hopefully soon, the site will enter Pre BeTa mode sometime around the end of next week. This Update includes a few News Stories here and a contact is page!

During this change over the site may not look as HDD as it should, my bad.......………. Also the site may be down for a few days so sorry about that! But. In The long run the quicker we release the updates the quicker you get your news and also my mind can rest because that's one less Thing to worry about. LoL. So hope you enjoy the site, and heres the Website UrL

Thanks for the support!,


PS: spread the word about the cat, he will rule the world one day
) _.
/ ,_,/
/'"\ )\

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