Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Update

Lol, I am going to switch the title font back to the marker pen, because its really hard to read and if I were you, you would probably wan't to know the godamn title!! The books going great, I have designed the front cover and that looks great too!

You can see a close up of the book at my domain name, which is bound to change anyway, or you can look at it below this feed. When I update the post, because unfortunately my hard drive is full up with a load of guff, and I cant find the cover, which is dubely annoying. When I do find it, I will post after this full stop YaY. YaY the picture is at the bottom of this feed, it replaced the anonymous head!!

So yeah everything's going good with the website, I now have a media page with lots of videos and soon to come some games??? Yes, I now also have a logo Yay I have been working on that for a while, did you know that I used draw plus to make this? It took me 30 mins to make, I think that draw plus is a great designing tool, as it helped me out a lot too!! The link is Here

There is a regime at school , did you know that??? The way they demand respect, e.g. Stand up when they enter the room. This is wrong, we are all human beings here, right? Ok so maybe there aren't but the way they demand respect when you don't even know them is wrong, and it also makes a mockery of us. People and groups like anonymous, seek to help with this problem by tackling the problem at its source, so don't believe the rubbish that the media is saying about them they are wrong. They are here to help. Just like me.

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