Saturday, 3 March 2012

Professionalism FTW!!!!

The wisper is now even more professional looking, yay!I got the layout of the site perfect just to the way I wanted, then my hosts website crashed, therefore making me crash and all my hard work went to waste [•_•]{*~*} (Different faces represent my dissatisfaction) I had to Do the whole thing over again, which took another 3 hours. I redesigned it to be a bit yellow, and when you look at it, it kind of reminds you of the Australian Outback ^_^ ( you know, the road signs!!!) ¡!!!!!¡

A New publishing page has been made to show all of my novels/novels in progress. If you would like to see the blurb of my latest book "System Failure" aand also the front cover of the book, head over to or the old link either will work <•:_:•> (puffer-fish)

So I guess that's it for the next 3 days , unless something ABSOLUTELY amazing happens or I have a major breakthrough with the site then it's a couple of days silence folks! •_•, *crys

But don't worry because I will be back on Monday with the usual monologue of the updates about The Daily Wisper, and also about life.

Thanks for the support and awesomeness,

- Luke (Editor)

P.S: More Experimental features to be released at a later date, and The Daily Wisper will soon have its own twitter page!!!!!

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