Saturday, 31 March 2012

|\•/|inecraft Series Coming Soon!

We have decided that over the Easter holidays, to make a fun minecraft series for you guys to keep you busy over the Easter holidays!

|\•/| ( Look For this symbol In a thread!)

So basically the series is going to be revolving on the ABSOLUTELY Amazing Server: Empire Minecraft•

If you haven't heard of this before It's kind of like a server where you get your own protected area that's anti griefed and one you can definitely have a lot of fun on!

So when it starts it will be about Thursday so just keep on checking The Daily Wisper for the video which will be Coming very soon, again on Thursday so just be watching this space for more.
For any Suggestions at any server we should go on a series or something like that, you should just e-mail them to me @

So thanks again for your support and here is basically it!

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