Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Portal 2 Review 100% Finished!

Finally. That's infact the first word I say in the review anyway so HAVE IT! So basically I am surprised any how many views this blog was getting, so I sat Down and thought to myself, what must it be? Our amazing website? Or my devilishly good quotes and updates from The Daily Wisper.

Usually anyway! So again thanks for the support, it helps a lot with the whole moral thing and also helps with the views boost, which is great also. If you would like to help out even more, then head over to The Daily Wisper (see link at the top!) and have a snoop around, because I mean, that even helps us AND we have some amazing stuff coming up soon anyway, such as the Wisper awards
( for more see The actual portal 2 review, at The Daily Wisper!)

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