Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Reviews, Everybody Loves Reviews...…......Dont They?

That's why I have decided to add a reviews page/article to The Daily Wisper!!

Every month I will be reviewing things like games, software and "Teenage Accessories" e.g. Speakers and Headphones, and maybe also, many more different genres to come! I will do a small or large article on the item, depending on what it is, then I will show you a few pictures of the key features. Then after that, maybe at the bottom, I will add the actual video review so that you can get a more in-depth feel into what we are actually reviewing.

The actual page, will start off with (subject to change!!) 3 different genres of reviewinglyness which are:

• Games ( Some games being reviewed like Dead Island may contain content that is 18+)

• Software ( Great stuff like, Steam and designing software such as Drawplus)

Appliances ( Like SkullCandy Headphones and Speakers such as The Amazing X-Mini Portable Speakers

So there is the basic run down of the kind of thing to be expecting from the reviews page and the genres of the page itself.

- Luke (Editor)

PS: game being reviewed is gonna be Portal 2

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