Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Social Network Buttons Finally!

The Daily Wisper, now *finally* has its very own social networking buttons. We fixed them from what they used to be, because if you clicked on them before we updated them, then the link that it would send you to was just a redirecting link back to the site for some strange reason….................

So anyway, we now have our own Twitter Page, which is great! So if you want quips and quotes and also updates, From me, then head over to The Daily Wisper, and click on the twitter icon at the top, and any follows and retweets and such would be greatly appreciated and it helps out a lot aswell

We have a Facebook page aswell now so that's great and adds to the "cause", and again, any likes or "shared pages" would be greatly accepted!!!

Thanks again for your support and time

Regards. - Luke


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    1. Luke "Dexter" Newark - Owner7 April 2012 at 15:47

      Thanks For the comment! I hope that you enjoy my blog and The Daily Wisper! Your website is looking GREAT too!


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