Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Soon To Come and Updates!! (By the way this is short!)

Things that already happened:

• We now have our own twitter page, so if you want to hear wacky quotes and….…stuff then click the link above this post that says "The Daily Wispers Twitter Page"

• Design almost finished, the pages are nearly done, it's just the little out of place shape and the wrong font here an there, then that's the design pretty much finished!

• Then there's the content. I am searching for the great story's so bear with me on that front, everything else I can deal with nice and quickly but the searching and things, well, I can't do everything at once......…or can I ???

So thanks for the continual support, and also remember to keep on going back to The Daily Wisper to see all of the new and improved features!

- Luke (Editor)

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